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English Scholar Writing Centre has had helped tutor many students form the Tri Cities and Fraser Valley areas.  Please check out some of the nice things they and their parents have to say about us and the success they’ve had in their English classes and on the BC Provincial English Exam after taking our courses.

The English Scholar Writing Centre has helped me beyond my expectations. Nelli has guided me every step of the way, starting from the moment when I walked into her class with a devastating score of 68% on the English 12 Provincial Exam. Her course is specifically and intricately designed for those who wish for a high achievement on the Provincial Exam, as well as those who wish to learn writing at a university level. Nelli has provided me with all of the necessary tools to become a competent writer; from poem analysis to essay structures. Further, she has left room for my own recognition of profound themes and subjects, making each piece of literature that much more relatable. Within a short period of six weeks, I was able to walk confidently into the exam room and achieve an 87% on the rewrite of the English 12 Provincial Exam. I am thoroughly impressed by the result. Putting my trust in Nelli was the correct decision, and I am glad that I had done so. It has truly been a worthwhile and rewarding experience.
-Tiffany Lee, Fraser Heights Secondary

Using her academic leadership skills to develop programs and facilitate professional development opportunities for teachers, Nelli served as the Literacy Department Head. In this capacity, Nelli initiated the development and implementation of writing standards, marking rubrics, instructional practices and skills scaffolding for the entire English department which are still in use today. She also served as a mentor for teachers assisting them with classroom responsibilities, curriculum unit plans, assessment, exams and implementation of school policies and procedures. Through her dedicated work ethic and interpersonal skills, Nelli gained both the confidence and respect of her fellow peers.
– Ms. Lorraine Paruzzolo, Principal – Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School

My daughter has only been attending the English Scholar Writing Centre for just a short while, and she has already experienced remarkable improvement in her writing.  Although she constantly had trouble with clarity in the past, she now writes insightful and precise essays.  I am so impressed when I read her work and I am so proud that she is currently getting 94% in her English class. Her improvement is astounding.
-Hyunae Cho, Mother of Grade 10 student

My experience at the English Scholar Writing Centre was like no other, and greatly helped me improve my writing skills; in fact, my Grade 12 English mark increased to 94% by the end of the semester. Thanks to Nellie’s help, I received 97% in the English 12 provincial Exam.  I am currently in the Faculty of Pharmacy at UBC and I have already started applying the skills I have learned from Nelli.  When it came to writing my Science One term research project paper, I had to carefully analyze journals, provide quotations and above all, present my research in a smooth and concise manner; I successfully applied Nelli`s specific strategies and achieved my desired grade.  Indeed, the skills I have acquired from the Writing Centre are priceless, and I truly appreciate my experience with Nelli.
-Gina Hwang – 2011 Fraser Heights Graduate UBC Science One

Nelli not only teaches you how to write, but she also knows how to analyse and actually connect with literary pieces.  I was in ESL in grade 9, but after attending Nelli’s class I was moved into regular English class and received 95% in English 12.  During grade 12, my essays were always selected as exemplars, which my teacher photocopied to students so they could see what techniques I used, and how I used them. Nelli goes over all types of literature, from articles to novels, and that prepared me well for the Provincial Exam on which I received  91%.  I am currently in McGill’s Life Science & Biomed Program;  the skills I have learnt from Nelli are helping me write papers in my studies.
-Jennifer Seo Bin Park, 2012 Gleneagle Secondary Graduate, McGill University – Life Science & BioMed Program

Nelli was able to improve my reading and writing because she transformed the concepts of academic writing and analysis into terms that were understandable for all of us.  After attending the English Scholar Writing Centre, my class mark improved to 94% in English 12. I now understand the skills I need to write a superior essay. Before attending the writing centre, achieving a 4/6 seemed impossible, but now receiving a 5/6 or 6/6 is a common occurrence.
-Wilber Liang, Grade 12 Fraser Heights Secondary

From Nelli’s course I have finally learned to write proper essays with specific formulas.  She has proven that great writing is not subjective but something that can be taught and learned.  It is too bad that it has taken me so long to find this course; I believe if I had attended the English Scholar Writing Centre much sooner, I could have gotten ‘A’s all throughout my High school English classes.
-Leo Kim, Grade 12  Pinetree Secondary

My daughter is always commenting on how she learns nothing at school and that everything she knows actually comes from Nelli’s classes. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.
-Eun Hee Hwang, Father of grade 12 student

Truthfully, I think I have learned more in Nelli’s classes than I have at school.  All of her formulas are helpful and played a big role in my grade 10 provincial Exam, for I receive a 94%.  I have learned more about analysis from her classes than I have ever before and it is easy to tell that she genuinely wants to help every one of her students.
-Ginny Hwang, Grade 12 Fraser Heights Secondary

My son loves this class; in fact, he is constantly telling me how informative the classes are and how he enjoys the challenges he faces.  I can see my child’s attitude towards literature turn from disgust to a subject he truly enjoys. I am extremely happy with his transformation; Dustin receives an A on almost all his English assignments.
-Debbie Zhang, Mother of Grade 11 student

Nelli is a very passionate teacher who captures the interest of her students while effectively teaching them.  The analytical skills I learned in this class proved to be extremely useful.  Honestly, this class is so helpful that if I missed even a single class, it would feel as if I have missed out on more than an entire school year’s worth of knowledge.
-Jonathan Wu, Grade 10 Pacific Academy

My son insists that I drive him every week from Coquitlam to Surrey in order to attend Nelli’s classes.  Every time I pick him up after the class, he always tells me that he has learned something new that he wishes he had known before. My son insists that this is the most advanced and well organized English course he has ever taken.
-Jemyung Park, Mother of Grade 12 student

The classes I have attended have been eye-opening and truly knowledgeable.  I have applied the techniques taught at the English Scholar Writing Centre to my English class and the results have been superb: I am sitting at an “A” (93%).
-Albert Lee, Grade 11 Fraser Heights Secondary

After attending the English Scholar Writing Centre for just a short while, my daughter has made remarkable improvements to her writing.  Although she constantly had trouble with clarity in the past, she now writes insightful and precise essays.  I am so impressed when I read her work, and I am so proud that she is currently getting 94% in her English class. Her improvement is astounding.
-HyunAe Cho, Mother of Grade 10 student

Ever since my first month with Nelli, I witnessed her transform us from students who have no understanding of literature to students who not only achieve outstanding marks at school, but also apply these skills to everyday life. My previous marks on essays used to be roughly 60%, but now most, if not all, my essays for Socials and English receive above 90%.
-Dustin Gao, Grade 11 Fraser Heights Secondary

Nelli’s English writing program has been a significant factor in my son`s academic development and achievements. Before Jonathan joined her program, no matter how hard he tried in his English course, 80% was the most he could possibly hope to achieve. However, in the last couple of years he has been in Nelli’s rigorous training and has been making remarkable progress.  Almost every single term, his English marks are consistently above 92% and this term his English mark is 97%. Nelli’s program is comprehensive and has successfully motivated my son through challenging English writing assignments and through her uniquely effective teaching techniques and style. As a result of his significant progress in English writing, Jonathan has managed to score high above 90% in other high-school liberal courses, such as Social Studies, where a lot of writing is required.
-Richard Wu, Father of Grade 10 Student

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