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Professional Development Consultation

Overview: My goal is to devote the appropriate time necessary to review and revise English Department manuals relating to learning outcomes, instructional standards and marking practices based on a “Gradual Release of Responsibility” approach.   The consultation will consist of three phases.

Phase One: Initial Meeting

  • Meet with the English department head and determine specific goals and objectives
  • Review department binders to determine relevance to Prescribed Learning Outcomes as well as classroom instruction
  • Observe classroom dynamics and review instructional strategies

Phase Two: Create Action Plan

  • Organize and assign specific writing skills, strategies, critical reading skills, and analytical skills for each grade.  The grade-specific strategies and skills transition from one grade to the next to allow fluid, continual improvement in student performance.
  • Assign marking rubrics that are based on the BC Performance Standards but measure skill sets as opposed to writing concepts.  These skills will drive instruction as well as enable students to take ownership of their learning by understanding what specific skills they need to demonstrate for each of the Performance Standards categories.
  • The marking rubrics will also unify the department’s approach to marking, effectively eliminating ambiguity.

Phase Three: Implementation

  • The entire department will be involved in a one-day professional development workshop that will explain the department revisions and new action plan.
  • Meet with the department head and formulate long term goals and action plan.

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Gradual Release of Responsibility

Release of Responsibility

Gradual Release of Responsibility